1) Career consulting

Find your uniqueness, define your success.
This principle, seen in U.S. education, is this same mindset needed to succeed as a professional translator. It is important to discover the skills that set you apart from others. This is known as strategic vertical growth. This is combined with strategic horizontal growth, or the development of skills related to translation. Don’t be content to focus simply on translation in your area of expertise, but also strengthen other skills such as writing (books, articles, etc.), instructing (teaching lectures), and supervising related projects. This combination of vertical and horizontal growth is essential for anyone who wants to make it as a professional translator.

Career consulting at BUPST is based on this mindset, and is available for students interested in evaluating their career success plan or seeking career guidance.

Career Success Plan

  • Step 1: Create a personal assessment sheet
  • Step 2: Develop your career vision
  • Step 3: Create your skill inventory sheet
  • Step 4: Create your five-year using a future resume
  • Step 5: Plan out your five-year action plan

2) Academic consulting

After creating your annual learning plan, feel free to consult with your counselor about questions concerning your studies.

Message from academic counselors


Ms. Isahaya, academic counselor

In a nutshell, counselors at BUPST are both student affairs university staff members and “school nurses”. When working with students, I start by personally introducing myself, then help them create their academic plan. After that is completed, students are primarily the ones responsible for staying on track. This is a monumental task! Especially with Internet-based learning, students are prone to be anxious about their studies, and often feel like they are alone. Combine that anxiety and loneliness with uncertainties about exactly how to go about learning online, and its no wonder that many students eventually give up. Its our job as counselors to help such students. We are careful to periodically check in with students to touch base on progress.

I graduated from college around the same time the Equal Employment Opportunity Law came into effect, and worked at a large corporation until my first child was born. Since then, I have struggled to raise two children while working as a freelance translator. These experiences have helped me to empathize with students who feel anxious or concerned about their studies. So, for those of you hesitant about Internet-based learning – rest assured! I’m here to help you each step of the way.


Ms. Miyamoto, academic counselor

As counselors, we are here to help students feel at ease in their studies and help them accomplish their academic goals.

I am here to listen to the concerns of students and work with those students to find solutions. I also rely on my own experiences as a graduate student in order to understand students’ needs. I primarily interact with students via email, providing advice about academic plans, course selections, and future plans. I also help students deal with personal concerns that come up in everyday life.

It is a pleasure to work with such a variety of students, and I am excited to embark on the exciting journey of translation with each one of them!

3) IT consulting

Various technical skills are required in translation, such as translation support tools, mechanical translation tools, dictionary tools, and desktop publishing technology.

There is a remarkable difference in translation productivity between translators who know how to use such tools and those that don’t. BUPST recommends that students first take courses that teach these IT skills. If you still have questions or concerns after taking such courses, please contact BUPST to schedule a counseling appointment.

Be sure to take advantage of these three types of consulting to realize your dream as a successful translator!

All types of counseling are by appointment only. For details, please contact the BUPST campus.

BABEL UNIVERSITY is a "Professional School" which not only provides "Job-oriented Professional Training" but also throughout your study and after completing the course, we will provide support in setting up your business career.

BABEL UNIVERSITY is not just a graduate education institution. The school provides a system in which students can receive support from BABEL Group. We work globally in the translation business and students will be able to work as an independent professional translator. BABEL Group expands business internationally in the below field.

Practical and Qualification Support

The internships is a practical training program directly connecting you to the translation business. Working as an intern while studying gives students experience in the real world and advance practical skills in the translation company in the Groups.

Learning the basics of starting a business in translation through "Business Start-up Seminar" and "Business Management Seminar" .

Translated Publication Support

Private translated publication with Co-Publishing and Books and Rights Marketplace will give you the chance to present and publish the book you discovered and translated worldwide.

Qualification Study Support

We offer study support for translation related qualifications worldwide including "Certified Professional Translator Test"(Japan Translation Association)and "Certified Administrative Professional(IAAP).

The original book for the graduation project you found will be presented by you. Under a translation supervisor, you will be able to publish your translated work through the joint translation workshop.

(1) The translated publication can either be a joint translation (team of a translation supervisor and several translators) or an individual translation (single).

(2) Joint Translation

  • Select a translation supervisor (instructor) of your choice for the work
  • Present your work that you have chosen and recruit members for a joint translation.
  • Copyright negotiation alongside the recruitment
  • Under the translation supervisor (instructor), set up the translation project.
  • Complete the translation in a workshop format (dividing the translation work)
  • On sales at stores
  • The graduation project will be completed with your own translation.

* Fees required for a joint translation must be financed within the members.

(3) Individual Translation

  • Translate the piece you have chosen under the translation supervisor (instructor).

*Fees required for an individual translation must be covered at your own expense.