About Master of Science in Translation (MST)

There may be people who imagine that translation still consists of apprenticing oneself to a professional translator and copying the techniques by imitation, or even if not to that extent, that it is a kind of working style like an apprentice system and the method of education is close to this.

news0511-4Babel has a history of about 40 years in translation education and it has introduced several systems into both fields of education and practice. With the Translation Grammar, plain language, and five types of competence (language, cultural, expert, IT and managerial) that secure translation quality we have developed various systems to maximize translation productivity and the efficiency and effectiveness of learning.

One of the fruits of these knowhow is that Babel University Professional School of Translation established a campus in the United States in 1996 and acquired accreditation (quality assurance) in 2002. As its name implies, this graduate school is a professional school.

news0511-2It is the first translation institute in the world that provides the entire program via Internet. What is granted to people who complete this school is an MST, Master of Science in Translation.

The MA (Master of Arts) is not used as the title here. The MS (Master of Science) has been adopted because we think that the nature of translation is moving from Arts to Science.