Alumni Service

Babel University Professional School of Translation Alumni Group is an organization comprised of graduates of Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST) and serves as a hub for linking BUPST education and professional activities. This group aims to encourage interaction, fellowship, and information exchanges among members, as well as expand opportunities to be active as translators and employees in translation related businesses (translation instructor, paralegal, researcher, etc.). For BUPST to fulfill its mission as a professional translation graduate school in developing and producing excellent translators, BUPST Alumni Group actively serves as a go-between for the translation education field and the translation workforce.

We offer the following services and support to BUPST Alumni members:

(1) Career Consulting

Find your own uniqueness, define your own success.

This statement is the philosophy underlying U.S. education. A similar mindset is needed to succeed as a professional translator. BUPST provides career consulting based on this mindset in which students can take a Career Success Realization Test and receive career counseling.

(2) Academic Consulting

For professional translators, continuous or lifelong study is very important to enhance their skills and abilities. BUPST is available for students’ academic questions and provides academic advice even after graduation.

(3) IT Consulting

Various translation technologies are necessary when translating. Translation support tools, machine translation tools, dictionary tools, and desktop technology are some examples. There’s a remarkable difference in productivity based on the use these tools. We accept questions from our alumni members regarding information technologies for translators as well.

* Digital Library

We provide the monthly journal Translation World and the biweekly journal The Professional Translator, with a total of over 600 issues packed with professional translation-related information. We also offer a variety of useful information for current and aspiring professional translators. Since this information is organized categorically, it’s easy to search through and read online.

* The Professional Translator Web Magazine

Published by the BUPST Alumni Association, The Professional Translator is a web-based magazine published twice a month for BUPST alumni aspiring to become professional translators. This magazine provides articles on trends in the translation industry, as well as: translation industry information, translation culture information, translation technology information, translation studies information, translator information and other information. This multilayered information is essential for those aiming to become professional translators.

* Email Address for BUPST Alumni

When students graduate from the BUPST program, we provide them with their own alumni email address. This email address is proof that you indeed are professional translator with a high level of expertise. Make sure to put this email address to good use!

BUPST is a professional translation graduate school which trains people to become professional translators active in various fields of the translation industry. We take pride in the quality of our practical system for developing professional translators, which is unparalleled even in the global translation industry. BUPST and BUPST Alumni Group support our graduates to establish themselves as professionals in the translation industry. However, we don’t guarantee employment for our graduates. Achieving global independence as a professional translator – that is the ultimate goal for our graduates.