Frequently Asked Questions About BUPST

a_q1If I pass BUPST’s entrance exam does that mean I am automatically enrolled into the BUPST program?

a_a1Once you have successfully passed BUPST’s entrance exam you will need to submit an enrollment application. You can decide to apply for enrollment after you have successfully completed BUPST’s entrance exam.

a_q1Do I have to take courses in a certain order or on a certain schedule, or can I decide the order and schedule on my own?

a_a1Students generally determine the courses they will take and order they take them in. However, if you are unsure of what courses to take, you can consult with your assigned counselor.

Questions About Taking Courses Online

a_q1Is there a set schedule for listening to online lectures?

a_a1Lectures have been prerecorded, which enables students to listen at any time as many times as they like.

a_q1I am not computer savvy, and am worried about taking online courses.

a_a1If you can view websites and send/receive emails, you should have no problems taking BUPST courses. If you have questions you can talk to BUPST staff via email or phone. Basic computer skills are a must today, so use this time learning at BUPST as a chance to develop your computer skills as well!

a_q1Can I use both Windows or Mac computer?

a_a1Windows computers are preferred. Students using a Mac computer may have problems with Japanese characters not being displayed correctly or with using translation software.

a_q1Can I listen to lectures using my smartphone or iPod? It would be helpful if I could listen to lectures while commuting.

a_a1Most lectures are recorded as RealPlayer files, so it’s possible to listen to lectures with your smartphone if you download the RealPlayer for mobile application (free). You can also use the RealPlayer converter application (also free) to convert files to be used on iPods.