The reason why I chose BUPST and working scholarship. / Hisako Okada

Hisako Okada

I enrolled BUPST because it is the only educational institution which offers a comprehensive curriculum and a master’s degree for translation. I understand English to a certain level, but I couldn’t figure out what was lacking and pursue this lack of understanding. The more I study in BUPST, the more my weaknesses become clearer now and it is like I am gradually filling in the missing pieces. Before enrolling at BUPST, I had never expected to set my goal at a master’s degree because it seemed far beyond my ability. But if I have a lofty goal, I obviously have to work on it, and naturally I become aware of using my time more effectively. Now I am capable of working and studying in the same period of time. Moreover, I feel I am experiencing a quality life than before.

The tuition for BUPST was beyond my means, so I applied for working scholarship. This was also one of my worries, not simply doing this course, but completing three things altogether. The other day, I got my first job and it turned out to be one in which I could practice accumulated knowledge and skills. I study everyday, submit assignments once a week, and review professor’s comments on assignments returned. Without any classmates, I only have myself to share what I am satisfied with and to solve what I am disappointed with. If this was the extent of the program, I would have been full of energy but without a place to liberate it. But in the working scholarship program, I can have a sense of being a translator if I take this job as a practice of what I have learned. And that sense helps me to move forward, the best that I can. (Student’s Transcript)