Aiming to become a leading paralegal. / Junko Kimura

I am paralegal working at a law firm that handles mainly with the cases related to the corporative lawsuits overseas. My job is to help lawyers translating contracts or agreements between corporations, documents submitted to the court, and laws and regulations of some foreign countries when newly decreed or amended. In order to meet rapidly increasing workload of translation in the firm, I am required to become skillful paralegal, which means doing work faster, more accurate, and more professional.
There are 5 reasons I decide to study at BABEL University Professional School of Translation and they are as follows: 1)E-learning; 2)Offering Master’s degree; 3)Majority of student body composed with part-time students having job; 4)Flexible with temporary leave and re-entry when long-term business trip or oversea transfer as well as childbirth and nursing; and 5) Offering working scholarship.

Working scholarship system is one of the beneficial supports that BABEL provides for students by deducting a part of academic fees in exchange that students help BABEL’s translational work, and this system also provides students with good opportunity for the practice of translation and becoming aware of translational job. It has been about 10 months since I am enrolled at BABEL , I definitely improve my skill in translation by studying and tackling a tasks of working scholarship at BABEL.
(Student’s Transcript)