I decided to enroll in Babel University(U.S.A.) which lectures practically. / Yoshiko Matsuura


I have lived in U.S.A. and worked at a translation and interpretation service company. As well as being an administrative worker, I have been responsible for reviewing and proofreading translated texts. Currently I reside in Japan, I often see things introduced into Japan from U.S.A. at fault. I wished to have correct it. I quit working as a temporary worker and decided to make translation works. 

However I can vividly remember I worked all night long and looked up words for phrases desperately in dictionaries. When the subjects of learning came up on my mind, I incidentally found Babel University’s web site and saw the contents. It filled with necessaries for translation. What I want to learn listed in “Institute for Literary Arts and Film Translation” page. I was impressed and decided to enroll. 

Obviously, finishing work in time is difficult for us. There is no curriculum for it-but the practical training is necessary. The way to do is getting the working scholarship. So I have applied, fortunately passed the exam and taken the first step. 

My top priority in translation is conveying culture without fault. My aim is to introduce the fun of the original film and literature. Getting the master degree is also one of the reasons why I chose Babel, however it seems it doesn’t matter. It depends on how much more effective I will become. (Student’s Transcript)