Big Thanks to BUPTS and Family! / Mikiko Nagatani

Mikiko Nagatani

I have decided to attend BUPTS because I am very much interested in taking more courses on laws, legal English, etc. to become an international paralegal. When I checked the curriculum of BUPST, I was quite sure that I could learn a lot if I went up to BUPTS. Now, I deeply appreciate BUPTS’s staff and teachers for their help and advice as to career options. They often encourage me to keep trying harder to make my dream come true.

One more big reason to decide to attend BUPTS is Working Scholarship. This system gives me good opportunity to earn a part of my tuition as well as experience actual work. I have a job and am in the middle of child-raising of three kids (9-year-old son, 6-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son). Under this circumstance, I sometimes have hard time to manage my time or change my pace. But, my kids naturally accept “Studying Mom”, and my husband helps me a lot. Thanks to their help and understanding, I can continue studying and working. I give big thanks to my family!

I learn and experience so many things everyday through BUPST and Working Scholarship. I feel rather strongly that I made the best decision to go up to BUPST. Supported by BUPST’s staff and my family, I am doing my best everyday to be an international paralegal. (Student’s Transcript)