Start your dream journey. / Mami Mizuta

Mami Mizuta

I started a translation course once a week two years ago, which was my first step to learn about translations.

Living in London for twenty years, it is quite natural for me to use both English and Japanese in my daily life. Since then, although I vaguely imagine myself being a translator in the future, I couldn’t continue with the course because of my work. Therefore my dream had to keep hold.

Last summer, I saw an article in a Japanese weekly magazine about the Babel University Professional School of Translation here in London. I read, “At the Babel University you can attend classes online and complete the course by internet.” I felt that my dream would surely achievable this time.

“I could continue with my work and get a Master Degree in Translation. I would pursue my dream to be a professional translator.” I applied immediately.

At the same time, because I want to be a professional translator in the future, it is very important to get some work during the course. Moreover, to get some experience and financial support through scholarship seemed the best possible idea.

Luckily, since last October I have been granted a working scholarship and am now studying the course. My journey towards my dream has begun.

Get on board and start your dream journey also!(Student’s Transcript)