Make my“Dreams Come True Eby getting a Master’s Degree in Translation. / Miho Saito

Miho Saito

As a person who is in love with English, reading and writing, I’ve had a post-retirement dream plan of translating and conveying all the thrills and surprises I find in various books in English that I read. Taking advantage of free time while I was out of work during the financial crisis, I decided to get started to achieve that goal. I narrowed down my search by focusing on online education and came across Babel among several similar-looking options. Then, as I learned more, I came to be convinced that Babel would be the only choice for me because: 1) Only at Babel, you can earn an accredited master’s degree in the US which endorses your credibility; 2) Because Babel is also involved in related businesses including translation service, publishing and dispatching translators, you can expect hands-on learning and potentially expand your career opportunities through Babel after you complete the courses; 3) History of more than 30 years in the business shows how successful and sustainable Babel has been.

The main reason why I applied for the Working Scholarship was to raise my motivation. Learning courses and completing assignments is of course challenging and fun. However, I wanted something more strict and time-sensitive, something not just for myself, in order to improve my learning curve. Of course, it would also be the best way to have hands-on experience before I become independent in the future. Thanks to this opportunity that Babel offered me, I have been learning so much and now feel that my long-time dream is in the horizon! (Student’s Transcript)