The Reason I chose Babel / Tomoko Ueshina

上品 朋子

I have been living in the United States since I was small, and have not went back to Japan that much. Therefore, I did not have much connection with Japan since then. Because of that, translation was in a way one of that few connection I had with Japan. For example, while reading some book, I would imagine “how would this be like in Japanese” or when reading some already-translated things and think “wonder how I translated this if I did it myself?” and think up the translations in my head. Other than that, I have translated things for my mother like instruction manuals and so on; translation was practically part of my life. But still, I had some worries when it comes to making that translation to my “work”. It was not like I studied translation properly; was I really good enough to be a translator?

It was then that I heard about Babel University Professional School of Translation from my mother. So I went and checked out Bebel’s homepage immediately, and it made me think that “I might be able to a translator that I want to be if I learn here” so I chose here. Another reason I chose Babel was because it had the working scholarship system. To be able to gain more experience while learning and have my tuition lower was really appealing to me. Though I am a little impatient, I would like to calmly do my best at Babel University Professional School of Translation.