The reason why I chose Babel/The reason why I applied for the WS / Y.S


I am a mom of 4 kids living in LA. I started to study at Babel University in October/09. Let me tell you about the reason why I decided to choose Babel. The best thing is that Babel has a 100% on-line program. That enables me to study at home even from LA where is far away from Japan. And I can still do my job as a mom. And the second best thing is that you can earn a master degree after you finish all the programs. It seemed perfect for me and I took the entrance exam right away. But to tell you the truth, I could not fully trust them at first because we communicated only through e-mails or phone calls. I had never seen them or never visited their place. I wondered, “Do they really exist? What if it is some kind of a fraud?” (Please, pardon me.) But all the people who contacted me were always exceptionally nice and friendly which was one of the reasons why I chose Babel. Of course it worked out very well. Working Scholarship is awesome , too! You can experience a real job as a translator despite the fact that you are just a student. And it is paid! (The money goes to your tuition.) Although it is not easy to manage both your curriculum and those works they assign to you, and most of you have your own job. But it is worth a challenge because it is definitely a short cut to becoming a professional translator. Now I am so happy to be back to school at this age. Hey kids, don’t you think your mom is cool, or what? (Student’s Transcript)