Privacy Policy

We collect, use, provide and consign your personal information within the extent that is necessary for our educational activities.

In order to prevent risks including unjust access to the personal information, losses, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of the personal information, we implement reasonably secure countermeasures, correction and prevention measures. In case of consigning the personal information, we execute an appropriate agreement with a proper consignee and implement necessary measures under applicable laws and regulations.

We comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, and use personal information properly.

In order to proceed through protection of personal information, we continuously review and improve secure countermeasures.

  1. In order to provide you with better services and information, we use the information we collect for the following purposes:
    • (a) Provision of information of seminars, etc. and communication and confirmation thereof;
    • (b) Posting on the website, etc. the personal information we collected, subject to your approval;
    • (c) Performance of content proposed by you and communication, research and confirmation thereof;
    • (d) Information of products and services supplied by us and Babel group companies, research including questionnaire, request for our services and services by Babel group companies and presents thereof, and use for research purpose;
    • (e) Provision of our services that you request and communication thereof.
    • Babel group companies mean Babel K.K., Babel Staff K.K. and other affiliated companies that have capital relationship therewith.
  2. We never provide or disclose to any other third party with your personal information except any of the following cases:
    • (a) In case of request for disclosure by any law and regulation;
    • (b) In cases that there is a probability that life, health, property or right of any user of our products/ services or the same of Babel group companies or any of persons in general is threatened and that it is necessary to respond thereto;
    • (c) In cases that it is necessary to cooperate with implementation of business of police, courts, and other public institutions under any laws and regulations.
  3. In case of request for disclosure of personal information, we disclose it only to the person who is the principal of the personal information by taking determined procedure. In case that there is any error or defect of personal information disclosed, only the principal of the personal information may request to correct or delete it.
  4. In order to smoothly provide you with our services, we may consign your personal information with a corporation which satisfy criteria for personal information protection.
  5. Although you provide us voluntarily with your personal information, you may not receive our services if you do not provide your personal information.
  6. If you need not provision from us by mail or email, we will cease our provision to you upon your request.

As for your consultation or complaints concerning personal information, please inquire to the following:

■ Babel University Professional School of Translation

1833 Kalakaua Avenue ♯208 PBN Bldg, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, U.S.A.