Patent, Technical and Medical Translation Major(Major 3)

Major / Curriculum
Major / Curriculum

Patent, Technical and Medical Translation Major(Major 3)

In the Patent, Technical and Medical Translation major, the program will have students obtain skills and proficiency to carry out accurate and complete translation as professional translator majoring in Patent, Technical, and Medical documents translation.

The required and elective credits are 36 for graduation
E-J:English to Japanese
J-E: Japanese to English

Competence Courses Required / Elective Credits Required
Specialise in Patent, Technical and Medical Translation
(Expert Competence)
Translating Patent Documents (E-J) Elective 2 14
Translating Medical Documents (E-J) Elective 2
Translation Course for Medical Journalism (E-J) Elective 2
Technical Translation (E-J) Elective 2
Course of Other Major Elective 2
Language-Common Technical Courses
(Language Competence)
Translation Grammar: Basic Rules Required 1 1
Translation Grammar: Written Expression Required 2 2
Plain Written English Elective 2 1
Summarize Translation Grammar (E-J) Elective 1
Translation Business Courses
(Managerial Competence)
Practical Legal Knowledge for Translators Required 1 1
Translation Business Management Elective 1 1
Starting up Translation Business Elective 1
IT Courses
(IT Competence)
Building Web Pages Elective 1 2
Text Processing for Translators Elective 1
Translation Research Studies Required 1
Cultural Courses
(Cultural Competence)
History of Translation in the World Elective 2 4
Intercultural Communication Elective 2
Translation Studies Elective 2
Graduation Projects Graduation Projects I Required 2 2
Graduation Projects II Required 8 8
Total 36
First year: 18 credits (Including “Translation Grammer: Basic Rules” and “Graduation Projects I”) Second year: 18 credits

高坂講師 Takashi Kosaka
MA, Associate Professor of Kanda , Former Monterey Institute of International Studies, Kanda University of International Studies, Cross-cultural Communication
武岡講師 Sachiyo Takeoka
M.D., Ph.D., Physician, Medical English, Translation
宮本講師 Hisayo Miyamoto
MS, Mathematics, Summary Theory, Translation