Working for Babel Group Upon Completion of the Graduate Program

Working for Babel Group Upon Completion of the Graduate Program

Babel University Professional School of Translation
Tomoki Hotta, Vice Chancellor

I am going to talk about some of the basic steps on how to work with Babel Group after obtaining the Master of Science in Translation (MST) from the Babel Graduate School by watching a YouTube video of the alumni meeting that took place last fall in Hawaii.

As you can see from the following Job Outlook that has been published by the U.S. Department of Labor, the growth rate for translation and interpreting services is slated to be 129%, a promising profession with a ranking around the 30th place out of all the 575 job types. Therefore, amid the current state of translation market bubble, you do not have to be tethered to the Babel Group necessarily to find a job once you have finished the graduate program. However, I would like to talk about it as one of the options.

Working as a translator, writer, editor, or translation instructor in the following translation-related businesses of Babel Group may be the quickest professional route you can take after completing your degree.

However, we would like you to work not only as one translation service provider, but as a partner with the Babel Group by overseeing different projects.

When rendering your services as a project manager, it does not matter whether you work on a freelance basis or as an employee for a company. In this case, however, you would be required to obtain the skillsets and knowledge by acquiring the following certificates (examination fees would be borne by the graduate school).

In this case, and as it has been previously mentioned, you would be asked to partner up with one of the departments in Babel’s various translation businesses (Professional Translation Business, Babel Press, Books & Rights Marketplace, Translation Education Business, Publishing Business , etc.). We will ask you to oversee a project, and we will ask you to sign a partnership agreement in which you will be sharing in the generated profit at a fixed rate.

In this way, you can either partner up with Babel as an individual translation service provider, or as a project leader by managing members on your team as you attain results through your project management skills. Either way, there are prerequisites and sufficient conditions that must be met.

To begin with, and to state the obvious, one of the prerequisites is to be the holder of:

1. Master of Science in Translation (MST)

In the field of international standard (ISO17100) of translation, we require the individual to be the holder of a translation degree as a qualification of translator.

2. Next, in the field of international standard (ISO17100) of translation, it is crucial to be the holder of a respected translation certificate.

With 30 years of experience in administering certificates, we recommend our graduates to obtain their qualifications in the corresponding fields through Japan Translation Association (JTA). The examination fee will be paid by Babel Graduate School, so we ask you to be proactive in sitting for the exam.

In addition to the MST, we will ask you to obtain JTA’s certificate that serves as third-party authentication. This authentication is essential to become an independent translator in the world.

Next, let’s talk about the sufficient conditions that we will ask of you when working as a partner with the Babel Group.

That is, we need to be certain whether the Babel Group’s mission and your mission, as well as goals are compatible or not.

[The Mission of Babel Group]

In the Global Knowledge Garden, we will realize the sharing of knowledge through translation to bring awareness to people, and to create an environment where happiness can be shared.

To achieve our goals, we will need to establish three qualities, and they are: the professionalism of a higher education of translation; the professionalism of a translation company; and professionalism as a translator.

The following are the various businesses of Babel Group that will help achieve these objectives.

Accordingly, we would like you to become well versed in the various businesses of Babel Group, and work as a partner in the related businesses, or as a service provider to bridge the gap of two or more businesses. Let me reiterate the point that we are asking you to think like a project manager who can oversee different projects, rather than just as a translation service provider, as an editing service provider, or just as an educator.

Babel Group will soon celebrate its 50th year in the world of translation business and as the only integrated translation group company. Through collaboration, let’s share a great future by “changing the future” through translation.