(English) About Babel University Working scholarship / Ikuko Kanda

After I had studied at Babel for the Contract documents beginner course of English/Japanese translation few years ago, I was thinking to study English paralegal documents. When I found out, late last year, that there was a working scholarship system at Babel University, I applied at once without hesitation. At that time I had a job, so I was little worried if I could do both study and work.

After one month passed, I realized that I made a good choice because:
1) My school cost was reduced by half of the regular fee.
2) I can help do translation jobs.
3) I am getting good at managing my time and myself.

The work Babel is asking for so far is English/Japanese translation, which you can do at your home, but I’ve heard you can also do other kinds of work.

Study curriculums are not easy, but if you organize good schedules for both study and work and make a great point of being on time, it is actually very important for future translators.

Also all school staff are very helpful, so I am asking their help to lead me to a higher level.

I have been a working scholarship student for just one month, but I am enthusiastic and am spending my time usefully everyday. (Student’s Transcript)