(English) Make good use of working scholarship system / Keita Odaka

I am studying International Paralegal in Babel University Professional School of Translation now, also taking advantage of the working scholarship program. Working scholarship system provides a reduction of your school cost when you do jobs. There are many kinds of work, such as input data, research and of course translations. Translation work is good for me especially because I never had the experience of translating documents other than in my company papers. I am planning to become a paralegal translator in the future, so this experience is important for me. Studying, working at my company and doing this scholarship work is not easy but I can gain more benefits than if I don’t do this.

Isn’t it wonderful that you can make your career as a translator and at the same time your cost of school reduced?

I have a few more years of studying at this school, so I will study harder and work harder. (Student’s Transcript)