(English) The reason why I chose to enter Babel University./ Eri Palmer

When I was searching for an on-line degree course, I found the Babel website by chance. Babel not only has short-term courses for translation but also degree courses. I was encouraged by the enhanced possibilities of professional translation work, as a direct result of graduating from the Babel course.

These days it is becoming a normal for Japanese people to go abroad and obtain an MBA or business level degree in Europe or USA. However it is still very difficult for these people to find or get their desired job just because they have received a degree. It is an unfortunate fact that it is only a limited number of people who will find work. The most important reason as to why I chose Babel over other educational providers is that I can study on-line with excellent support. I currently live in UK and therefore it is very convenient for me to access this course. In addition I can maximize my free time. With an on-line course from Babel you can study anytime when you want and choose when you are free. There are still many online short course and degree courses in the UK as well, but I can study in both Japanese and English at Babel. Very few places can offer such a flexible and enjoyable combination. The most interesting thing for me in my studies is, knowing that this degree course will be directly connected to future work.

When I applied for this course, the world was in the middle of an Economic crisis and I was made a redundant. I was searching for online degree courses but it was difficult for me financially after just losing my job. Therefore I had decided to apply for the Babel scholarship. Naturally I was concerned about completing the tasks that come with the working scholarship before starting. I guess everybody has a same kind of worries. I felt I was lucky that I had good opportunities to apply for this course and now I work as a scholarship student so I hope that I will provide good work and continue to provide a high standard as I continue through the course.

Currently I work full time and sometimes it is very difficult to manage my studies and work at the same time, but Babel understands every situation and they are helping me to deal with things comfortably. I do recommend to anyone who is interested in translation to apply for the working scholarship. It could change your life!! (Student’s Transcript)